The speech-language pathology treatment is divided in three areas:

1. Initial meeting/Patient intake/Medical history

At the beginning of a therapy we want to take the time to get to learn from as well as about you. We want to find out who you are and how your impairment was created.

2. Examination/Diagnostics

Through state-of-the art examination procedures and testing modalities, we are able to accurately assess your complex of problems.

3. Therapy

Together with you and based on your personal preferences we will then proceed to outline a treatment plan. Our initial consultation includes an extensive elucidation regarding the diagnosed clinical picture as well as a detailed assessment of possible causes and past influencing factors. We urge you to actively take part in the creation of your treatment plan as well as continuously define and refine your therapeutic goals. Your personalized journey to a symptom-free state. Ongoing training of our therapists and their broad knowledge of this exciting therapeutic field ensure the growing expertise in cutting-edge treatment methods that our team can provide for you. Combining your needs with our possibilities, we are thus able to provide a highly individual approach for you as our patient.

How can you receive treatment by a speech-language pathologist?

In order to treat you, we need a referral from a doctor. This can be your primary care physician, your pediatrician or a specialist like a otorhinolaryngologist, a neurologist or a orthodontist.

Why work with us?

Housecalls to your home or trusted rehab facility

If advised by your doctor, we will gladly visit you at your home or the facility (nursing home or rehabilitation centre, convalescent home or special needs centre) you are currently residing in. This can happen in adults after a stroke, an accident, a neurological disorder or in children with degenerative diseases (i.e. muscular dystrophy). But just as likely due to symptoms of multiple impairments leading to aphasia, dysarthria and dysphagia, with the use of a feeding cannula. In addition we are happy to provide support when learning to operate electronic communication aids.

With us, you can choose from a growing team of flexible, knowledgeable and trustworthy therapists, who value the holistic approach, who put your needs as their priority and who will be there for you when you need us – should you be unable to see us at the office.

Single and group therapy

To improve your overall communication we offer our patients the opportunity to take their new skills acquired in single session and apply them in a small group. This poses a training ground and a setting to further develop their confidence.

Courses and seminars

Beyond the single and group therapy we also offer courses and seminars exploring subjects like language, voice and speaking. These learning opportunities are open for anyone and do not require you to be a patient with us. Current and upcoming classes are advertised on our “event calendar”.

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